Fear of Nature released on Adventurous Music






New GCR car window stickers arrive

14.10.2023 These'll stand out! Static cling interior car window stickers. Thanks so much to Andy Tuohy ( Gods of Synth) for the design.

Live at Pattern Recognition

26.08.2023 Performing 'Naked All Summer' at the new EMOM, Pattern Recognition, Ilfracombe, Devon UK.

What are we so afraid of?

30.07.2023   New film work recorded at Wells Cathedral, Somerset UK. Featuring the sarcophagus of Bishop John Harewell (1360-1386) which is covered in medieval graffiti, apotropaics and dates, thought to reflect a  desire to protect against witchcraft among common people. Protect what, from whom, remains unclear.

New Disorganism Title logo

29.07.2023  Composed of letters from the Harewell sarcophagus, Wells Cathedral. 

Čelet / Carbone

24.07.2023  The release of Čelet / Carbone, the debut collaborative album by Manuel Carbone and Thébru Čelet. On Leipzig's incomparable label, Adventurous Music.


20.05.2023 Disorganism outing #3  - Performing Blue-Lidded Daughters at Breeze Block Beats in The Secret Cellar, Frome UK. Huge thanks to Stuart and Andrew for putting the event on, Patrick for the amazing visuals and Kate for some awesome photos.

123 artist and label profiles up on grey clay radio!


Truly an honour to play so many incredible artists. Huge thanks to Andrew Shackleton (Breeze Block Beats/ Gnostic Rebellion), Paul (Jettenbach), Stuart Chapman (Terminal Optimism), Graham (<1), Dan (IDR), Ro (Adventurous Music), Jack Hertz (Acousmatique/ Aural Films), Dan (Vivarium), Simon Rees (Astral Engineering), Gavin Morrow (Grey Frequency) /Weird Garden, Paul (Owlripper), Rob (Component), Lee (MVM), Dexter (Broken Bottle), iason (1000+1 Tilt), Kate Bosworth (Dark Train/BMH), Alex (quiet details), Cedric (Syrphe) and everyone who has contributed work so far and made grey clay what it is. Thank you all.

New stickers just landed!


Very happy with these. Nice to see them getting out there.

grey clay radio: 86 artists and labels onboard


Never dreamed it would get this big! Just going to keep going and growing...

Shedding Life


Disorganism and Terminal Optimism collaboration on lessthanone (<1) net label's release, Anno Mortis.



Busy day! Just uploaded Canaries, my latest film work. It is a bit of an excursion from previous work, both visually (maybe) and soundtrack (definitely). After much gestation it made it through my final filter and out into the world as it currently is. Good response from 'nearest and dearest' so far. Hopefully a FilmFreeway submission soon.

Adventurous Music


So excited to welcome the Adventurous Music label from Leipzig, Germany to the grey clay schedule. Artists featured will include (so far) Hendekagon, Pangea, INYAN & Corina Retzlaff and Signalstoerung. This represents a big expansion musically and creatively and I'm really grateful to Ro for making it happen and connecting me with this particularly inspiring German scene. Watch this space!

20th artist added to grey clay schedule!


Delighted to connect with Paul from Dragon and Jettenbach and include their albums in the grey clay schedule. Absolutely immense, deep  sound. (Also now Peter's solo album under 'Dragon' added.) Grey clay is becoming such a... thing.

Design idea


Well, those grey clay tees, stickers and flyers are getting out there! (Thank you to Gavin Morrow for sending a pic of a little grey grey sticker looking fine among some others in Nottingham.) Already thinking about the next teeshirt print run. Looking into local screen printers to get a nicer quality. Here's a one-colour design for the next print run, coming soon!


Samhain greetings! All my grey clay contributors being sent a free teeshirt, QR code hex stickers and A4/A5 posters as part of a little experiment with promotion. 


New Disorganism EP  'A Thyrsus' released on Bandcamp. (Soundcloud maxed me out on my included space so, hello Bandcamp!)

5 tracks, one of which being the soundtrack to my film Meniscus which stands up as a track in its own right and brings a little (dim) light to the EP's darkness. In the mid 80's, living in Hackney, I met a beautiful Japanese woman called Maya Horiuchi. Maya later visited me in Liverpool and recorded her voice reading a verse from Omar Khayyam in English and Japanese. Criminally, I never did anything with the recordings, until now. Maya and I lost contact over 30 years ago but I truly hope she is happy and well and that an energy from me is somehow reaching her. A Thyrsus reflects other darknesses: beautiful agonies and shadowed arches. It is both a threshold and a disappearing act. 

Cover photo:  audio diary cassette 1. Liverpool 1986.


greyclayradio.com is launched. Only 6 artists onboard so far but about to change that! (update 29.10.2022 - now have 19 artists) One big randomised auto playlist atm but planning to set up themes for different times in the 24 hr cycle. Request facility seems to work fine. Phone friendly page added.


Disorganism outing #:2   Breezeblock Beats - Frome event at The Treehouse. Fabulous new venue and completely excellent organisation and video facilities courtesy of Andrew Shackleton, musician and Resolume wizard. Thank you Andrew for making this happen and for extremely prescient technical powers. Thanks also to Andy (Gnostic Rebellion) for expert sound engineering and to Stuart and Maf for making Breezeblock a thing!

Best ever opportunity for Disorganism to perform sound and video as it should be. Thank you.

People Aren't - made in May 2022. 


Disorganism lives! Breezeblock Beats at Rockaway Park, Temple Cloud. What an amazing place! Just...wonderful, and free and actually real! Thank you to Stuart for including me in the line up. Really great to meet Gavin (Grey Frequency). First live solo outing for Disorganism.

Performed Hollow Fellow and Wash Over Me.

Thanks to Gavin for heroic pics!!!