Scintilla (2021) 9 minutes 16 seconds

Entering the minute detail, drama and timelessness of tiny aquatic places, the macro lens pushes the senses past the familiars of scale and significance to a vivid and intimate mirror.

As a child I liked nothing more than laying on some grassy bank and staring into a pond or stream in the sunshine while my father and his tweedy scientists conducted their surveys and observations of the rotifers, hydra and other aquatic minutiae. In my innocent ignorance there was an entire world of drama, beauty and intrigue that my young sharp eyes drank in. Lost in this tiny world and my own meandering thoughts I apprehended a Nature I was forever able to conjure and ever since have sought out in any tiny place I can find. 
Pools have always been mirrors. This little film gazes closely at the play of Nature on the thoughts of the beholder, and the beheld.