Meniscus (2022) 10 minutes 40 seconds

Motes drift in and out of focus within a puncture the lens makes in negative space. This short film dwells in the transience of life and points across the perceptual divide.

This short piece began with some drone footage I took in and above a Dorset pine forest and some sequences captured in Wiltshire with my anamorphic lens while out on a golden hour walk with Mia and Scott. Dragging the sequences about for days, no seductive narrative emerged from what was really a light-filled gaze through the growth and undergrowth until I quite brutally recast it as drifting 'holes' in darkness. Immediately some words from a song I wrote for BERD in the mid-2000s rang out and I crossed a meniscus.
The meniscus between water and air has a subtle tension. Similarly, our experience of being alive is separated by an unseen boundary from our concept of death but this separation can be punctured.